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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit card, Bank Card , Skrill, Neteller, G2A Wallet, Union Pay, Bitcoin. **Important Quote** : Credit cards may not work in your territory. **PayPal** is not supported!
100.000.000 Yang = 1 Won or 100KK First you have to be a member in our page. And you have to add to cart how much yang you would like to buy. When you click to "check out" you will see our payment channels. After you pay, your order will be created. After you order, we create a new Metin2 account ID and load your order amount to that account. You can see the account information in your order details when the order status is changed to "completed". You can transfer your yang to your own character. All of the process takes 5-10 minutes depending on our order traffic.
Our company has been serving for 10 years now. We are a company located in Turkey.. You can see all the info of our company at the footer page of our website